Use loans wisely after insolvency

“Disguised” Affirmation Agreement

You may receive offers from companies that appear as lenders that you have included in your bankruptcy. Often, debt collectors use this tactic to lure you into debt affirmation. Read the fine print thoroughly for quotes to get new loans. The problem is where they say your new account balance will include some, if not all, of your relieved debt.

“Secured” credit card

New insolvency applicants can also be approached with a “secured” credit card marketing scheme. A single bank deposit secures the balance of these cards. The limit on the card is however much you enter. The account is then used up if you cannot raise the money for the payments. If you can make payments regularly every month, they can be a good way to prove that you’ve become tax-responsible. However, creditors have no reason to trust that they can use your deposits as collateral, as almost anyone can get a “secured” credit card despite their history. It is also not recommended to block your account.

Credit repair companies

Keep your eyes peeled for companies that say they can erase your bad credit. As expensive as these services are, they are a waste of money as they are often scams. It is a fact that bad credit simply cannot be deleted as long as it is legitimate. However, you can correct outdated or incorrect information for free.

Avoid expensive predatory lenders with high costs

Filing for bankruptcy doesn’t mean you have to accept the worst credit terms. You always have the option to wait a while after you submit for your terms to improve. Over time, if you can prove that you have become fiscally responsible, many lenders will not allow your bankruptcy to hinder your future financial actions.

Often, lenders, car companies, and even mortgage brokers will tell you that bad credit doesn’t affect your business with them. Your intention is to brazenly charge you for the loan. You intentionally make it too absurd to think that you can reasonably continue payments. Any possibility that you could immediately rebuild your credit becomes unrealistic.

Mortgage loan

If you own a home, you can get quotes from contractors, brokers, and lenders who are interested in giving you a loan regardless of your previous financial situation. Unfortunately, the cost and ultimate problems that arise from these loans can cause you to lose your home. Reject or even dodge mortgage lenders who do the following:

– Nail with fees, cancellation fees and excessive interest rates.

– Have your mortgage reconfigured or make up debt.

– Include insurance or other unnecessary products.

– Claim to charge you for minimal monthly payments or different initial interest rates.

– Have a lump sum raised to pay a generous amount of your loan. This is called a “balloon” payment.

– Punish for paying the cash before you should.

– Change the conditions after completion.

– Promise a reduction in rates if your payments are on time.

– Constantly ask for refinancing.

Small loans

Saving money to pay unforeseen fees is always a good idea so you don’t have to borrow money. If your finances really require a loan, stay away from these expensive loans:

Loan lending

You can be contacted by a paycheck prepayment company that offers to keep your check for a few weeks. Instead of your check, you will receive a sum that is less than your original check. At the end of the holding period, you collect your check amount, minus the interest they charge. This process is very expensive in the end. For example, if you get $200 on a $256 paycheck, that $56 they keep is a 728 percent interest fee. If for some reason you cannot repay the loanThe company may try to get more money out of you or even sue you. Writing another check simply creates more debt and you’re worse than you started.

Automatic title lending

Similar to pawn shops, lenders can exchange your property for loans with high interest rates. Title lenders have adopted this method by trading your car title as collateral for a loan with interest rates that can be as high as 800 percent. Failure to make payments on time may result in repossession and possibly the sale of your vehicle.


A rent-to-own business can charge you up to four times the amount it costs to buy a device locally. Previous customers may even have used the item you paid for, so the company has all the more benefits. Then they can turn around and return the items if you don’t make a payment and you don’t end up getting credit for your previous payments.

Tax refund Anticipation of loans

Tax preparation companies sometimes offer an on-site tax refund by issuing loans in the form of planned refund amounts. The period for the loan is the short period between the time you want you to receive your refund and the time you file your tax return. Interest rates can go well beyond 200 percent. It is recommended to be patient while your refund is being processed.

What you can do to avoid problems

Don’t shop. If you have any doubts or doubts that the service will be affordable or if you need it at all, don’t understand it. Sellers will try to persuade you to do so one way or another. Fortunately, you can change your mind at any time, even just before you sign the dotted line.

Use comparative shopping. Just because you qualify to get a lonely one from a bank with normal interest rates doesn’t mean you have to settle down. You rely on believing this is the best thing you can do. If you let go of any shame or embarrassment about your situation, you can have the courage to look around and get the best possible conditions.

Analyze the terms. Monthly payment amounts should only have a small impact on your decision. Also, look at the percentage of the annual installment, as this number includes other fees that come with the loan. Find out about all the fees you will be charged and, more importantly, why.

Ask a professional. Before you sign, read all documents carefully. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact a professional for help. If, for some reason, the lender does not allow outside help, they cannot be trusted.

Know your rights. When it comes to mortgage refinancing, you legally have up to three days to cancel from the time of signing. Use this right to your advantage if, for any reason, you think you’ve made a bad deal. Go with your gut feeling, even though the lender is trying to stop you from canceling.

Start sooner than later. Once you realize you’re struggling financially and wonder how to manage your debt, ask a debt agency for help.

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