Generators considered for mobile car detailing and car wash

Every small business needs equipment of some kind to work, and a mobile car detailing and/or car wash business is no different. In fact, since you’re going to the customer’s car, you’ll need to bring all your supplies, actually everything, including your own source of energy and water. Not so long ago, a mobile detailer, actually a future mobile detailer, asked me:

“Do you use generators for the electrical tools?”

In fact, we use generators, generally Honda, due to their quiet, low-maintenance and reliable characteristics. You need at least 2500 watts, I recommend 3000 because a 5-6 hp. Shop Vac is really a killer for vacuuming and sucking up sewage and pumping into a fecal tank or bush, as you can’t allow it to get into the rain drain or waterways.

Even with 3000 watts, you can go to an electric pressure washer that saves you from having two motors on board, or you can go 2200-2500 watts and get a 5.5 hp pressure washer. But if you want to clean large fleets, you need to go with hot water (Landa – type skid unit, check the different brands) and 2500-3000 PSI. I would skip the big bad buffer syndrome, far overrated, if you want to do that, stick with automatic detailing, keep prices high, go only for high-end big ticket customers. It’s a completely different business, so we separated them, for example;


You see, once you’ve determined the way you want to run your business and the type of equipment you need, you can determine the size generator you’re going to use. So, think about it.

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