The finance leasing option and why Ford Transit Custom is such an attractive lease

Van leasing is a common and popular option among business owners. For those who are interested in leasing a van, various financing methods are available. Finance leasing is a special type that is quickly gaining popularity among the business owners looking for a van to lease.

What on earth is finance leasing?

Finance leases are used as a means of payment for businesses to pay for assets such as vehicles. The company is able to purchase vehicles and use them for the duration of the lease. This commercial agreement is characterized by the following:

• The company or the customer, the lessee in legal terms, can choose a vehicle of its choice.

• The leasing company goes out and buys that particular vehicle for leasing.

• The company takes care of and takes responsibility for the maintenance of the vehicle.

• The company or lessee is required to pay monthly rents for the duration of the lease in exchange for the asset.

As a rule, it is noted that the monthly rent is achieved taking into account the following things:

• The price of the vehicle initially minus taxes such as VAT or depending on its applicability.

• The lease term

• The residual value of the vehicle plus the applicable interest.

It should be noted that in such an agreement, the financing company retains legal ownership of the vehicle during the term of the finance lease.

A finance lease offers its own advantages:

• The outflow of capital is reduced within the funds and to a minimum

• The monthly budget remains accurate and secure.

• Agreements can also be made with fixed interest rates

• A large part of the VAT or other applicable taxes can be recovered according to the laws of the country.

• As an option, you can also choose to have the vehicle replaced in the event of a vehicle failure.

Why you want to choose a Ford Transit Custom

Fuel consumption is rapidly gaining ground for van manufacturers as a marketing tool of great value. As fleet operators, Bluemotion, Econetic, Ecoflex and other keywords that mean a new force in fuel consumption find customers in abundance.

CO2 emissions have also forced the van leasing community to take a closer look at those vans, among which the Ford Transit Custom DCIV is so typical.

The engine together with the state-of-the-art sophisticated off-the-shelf characteristics, which are significantly superior to the fuel-saving properties of other conventional vans.

There is also no shortage of new technologies, such as acceleration control, which greatly reduces fuel consumption. Tires, brakes and other components are also spared some of the torture.

Driving in urban scenarios is achieved with ten percent less fuel consumption in the Econetic model, which has a standard stop-start mode. Some models also feature a switchable seventy-mile to hour speed limiter, unique and innovative engine calibration, an optimized transmission with a six percent longer axle speed ration, and the like.

However, Econetic of The Transit has struck a chord with the van leasing community that other van manufacturers would like to investigate and replicate.

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