Super Beta Sitosterol Prostate Formula and Prostate Pill Reviews and Reviews

Wow, an internet search today is really confusing when it comes to prostate preparations or formulas. One is the super beta prostate formula and another is a super prostate product, but others claim to be a miracle prostate formula.

Many of these products make actual claims about the effectiveness of their respective product, although the claim actually refers to a specific ingredient that has proven the respected efficacy. Other products boldly state that their product is shrinking your prostate, which is actually an illegal statement and is really fake advertising. Legally, only a product that has undergone clinical trials and submitted to the FDA and received approval can make such a claim to treatment. Beware of all these false and unproven “treatment” claims. If the word treatment is used, it should be an indication that the site is making false claims.

Well, then these natural products help your prostate? The answer is “yes”, some do, but it really depends on the ingredients. One of the most studied ingredients is beta-sitosterol, which would contain saw palmetto. The key to remember is that beta-sitosterol is the main ingredient found in saw palmetto. Saw palmetto itself contains the phytosterol beta-sitosterol, but the amount of saw palmetto you would take or would have to take to get the benefits of beta-sitosterol could actually make you sick. It is predicted that it will take 100 capsules of saw palmetto to reach the amount of beta-sitosterol you could find in a 300 mg capsule of beta-sitosterol. Other ingredients that have extensive clinical data regarding prostate health include both zinc and selenium. Outside of these key ingredients, there are a variety of additional ingredients such as vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, green tea extract, cranberry extract, lycopene, calcium carbonate, gelatin, magnesium stearate (lubricant), calcium silicate, croscarmellose sodium, silicon dioxide, di-calcium phosphate, cellulose, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., that have little or no clinical data published in a reputable medical journal. Your prostate has been in a statistically significant way. Many of these extras are nothing more than a way to make a product cheaper to manufacture and increase the profit margin for the respective manufacturer. If you want a multivitamin, then buy a good one, you should certainly not rely on a prostate preparation as a multivitamin. Supplements with a laundry list of ingredients don’t work any better. I think manufacturers who contain all of these ingredients think that this shotgun approach, in addition to the increased profit margin, could lead to higher customer satisfaction.

It’s also amazing to see a lot of prostate pill reviews, prostate pill reports, and comparisons from respective manufacturers that lend themselves to informing the public and presenting themselves as experts or even institutes that don’t exist. Another venue is a manufacturer that directly attacks other manufacturers with defamatory and defamatory statements. The best advice when it comes to choosing the best prostate supplement is to look for a product that contains the important key ingredients. Choose a manufacturer with integrity who does not have to use slanderous and defamatory statements to sell their product in despair. Avoid the obvious pill reviews and reports that obviously make you buy an expensive product that benefits the profit margin of the company behind the comparison website. A comparison site should not sell or require the need for a disclosure statement stating that it is sponsored by products or receives compensation for products reviewed on the site.

Common sense and logic are your best defense when looking for the best prostate supplement. If a website claims to be an expert, look for the supporting credentials – many websites don’t offer any. Another unique Internet tool can be used to detect how popular a website is on the Internet. This removes any false claims that this or that product is classified as Number 1. What is this tool? It’s called Alexa. Of the hundreds of millions of websites on the Internet, this company is a website information company that actually evaluates websites worldwide and then when the website is very popular by country. Alexa offers a toolbar that actually shows the ranking of the website you’re currently visiting. If you click on the ranking number in the toolbar, you will get additional statistics such as popularity within a particular country or even local geography. I’ve found that this is a toolbar that I can’t live without, as it really tells the story about the actual popularity of a productwebsiwithout the hype. You can find this Alexa toolbar by searching for the Alexa toolbar.

We believe that the informed consumer will make the best choice when it comes to choosing a truly super prostate formula. A free trial shouldn’t involve giving someone your credit card so they can sign you up for an auto-ship and auto-billing plan. Look for a manufacturer that offers an honest warranty, and better yet, visit the Better Business Bureau website: and enter the name of the company to see how many problems other consumers have had.

For information about prostate health visit To report a website for misinformation or false advertising, visit the Natural Products Foundation Truth in Advertising or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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