How to Get Guaranteed Car Financing with Bad Credit

Are you struggling with your current credit history? Do you find that car loans are almost impossible to get? Are you just looking for the best car in a new car or used car, but are afraid to make a car loan application?

I may have some good news if you’ve suffered with bad credit car loans in the past. Learn this tip on how to easily get a guaranteed car financing rate.

One thing you should be sure of is that you need to know all the good, bad, and ugly about your credit score before applying for financing. Above all, everything that can stumble you. Don’t try to cover something up when contacting a credit company for a loan car loan.

These things will result in you either not getting a good car loan or raising your interest rate, as the finance company will try to cover its butts for years with a loan that can get sour with you.

Make sure you first try to fix issues that could ruin any car leasing deals you might find. If you can’t fix a problem before you get a car loan, find out a good and plausible excuse for why you have that gray sign on your credit history. Don’t fake anything, but think about what made you want to have a bad credit car history. You may surprise yourself when you start thinking about it. Really, if you made a mistake, tell them that.

Then make sure you uncover this error in advance. This gives the leading company a lot more confidence in you and could make the difference between better prices or just the deal.

Guaranteed car financing can also be less stressful when applying online. Whether you’re looking for used or otherwise new, you can usually finance car loans with these online providers.

In fact, guaranteed car financing for a vehicle may be the best way to go in the long run. Plus, if you own your home, make sure you mention this as well. You can secure guaranteed car financing rates that make buying dream cars even easier. Even if you’ve been thinking about picking up a new or used BMW, this is important. You see, if you apply online, if the company can secure a car loan against an asset that is increasing in value, you can save several points on the loan! This is a great way to get a car loan with a better interest rate.

To sum it up again, if you want this car and you have bad credit, check clearly what caused your bad credit in the first place. (95% of all applicants do not!) Next, clean up spots in your credit history. Finally, if you can’t remove a flaw, make sure you clearly expose it with a truthful and good reason. Even if you just messed it up back then, it’s better than pretending it wasn’t there! So make sure you apply online for guaranteed car financing, as it’s less stressful and actually pretty fast!

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